We are committed to creating an America in which all young people are prepared to lead productive and successful lives.

We believe that providing young people with high-quality multiple pathways is the best way to help them discover and develop their potential and achieve economic independence.

Our Work

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The Western Pathways Conference is an annual event for leaders in education, non-profit, business and government that asks the question: how can we build an education and workforce development system that will prepare all young adults for careers leading in economic independence?

The 2020 Conference will be held June 10-12 in Kansas City.


Our efforts in Arizona are in partnership with several other organizations and businesses. Our efforts aim to make Arizona a leader in career and workforce development. Our programs include the ECAP Mentoring Program, School Career Development Advisers, and more.

We are currently recruiting ECAP Career Mentors for the 2019-2020 school year.


The Coalition for Career Development is made up of more than 40 national cross-sector leaders who are dedicated to creating a national movement that will ensure all learners become career literate and career ready.

This year’s Summit will be held January 8, 2020. Register now to become part of the movement to make career development the first priority of American education.

More information is coming soon,
so please check back with us often on our conference website.


Become a Mentor

Our Career Mentors are older adults with extensive work experience who serve as volunteers in participating high schools. They receive professional training, and work with small groups of high school students once a week to help them develop their Education and Career Action Plans (ECAPS).

Spending just one hour a week with a small group of high school students has the potential to completely change their trajectory.