ECAP Mentor Program

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This is where our mentors come in.

ECAP Career Mentors are older adults with extensive work experience who serve as volunteers
in participating high schools. They receive professional training, and work with small groups
of high school students once a week to help them develop their ECAPs.

Spending just one hour a week with a small group of high school students
has the potential to completely change their trajectory.

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Meet Our Mentors

Updated features for the 2019-2020 mentors coming soon.


Stephanie Jacobson

Phoenix Union High School Site Coordinator


Linda Levitt

Paradise Valley High School & Gateway Early College High School Site Coordinator


Beth Piazza


Doug Jones


Jessica Barranco


Bob Wenham


Judy Cummins

Interested in making a difference in the lives of Arizona students?

To learn how you can get involved & apply for the mentoring program, please contact:

Cathy Gaudio
Global Pathways Institute at Arizona State University